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Study in Belgium – Flanders and Wallonia

Belgium is made up of three distinct parts – Flanders, the north, Dutch-speaking part of the country, Wallonia, the southern, French-speaking part, and the Brussels-capital region.

Higher education in Flanders

The internationally-oriented higher education institutions in Dutch-speaking Flanders provide excellent programmes of study and can boast first rate student facilities. They offer joint degree programmes and are known for their strong language courses. 

Flanders is an international player in the research and innovation area and houses a top research infrastructure with major strategic research institutes.  The Flemish Council for Science and Innovation aims to strengthen excellence and dynamism of cutting-edge non-oriented research as a foundation for innovation.

Flanders is a great place to live and study or do research:

• International study programmes and an increasing number of courses in English

• A high quality of life, excellent health care and low crime rates

• A rich cultural heritage and cuisine and an open-minded, multi-lingual population

• A high number of international students creating a cosmopolitan population and international opportunities for networking

• The capital Brussels is at the heart of Europe.

• Excellent student facilities and accommodation, a wide range of support and guidance, and assistance for students wishing to find a job


Higher education institutions

Flanders has a number of excellent universities, university colleges, schools of arts and other higher education institutions, all of which are accredited according to international standards.

Flanders has excellent universities, university colleges, schools of arts and other higher education institutions, all of which are accredited according to international standards.


University Colleges

Useful links

Flanders Knowledge Area is the agency for promoting higher education of Flanders abroad. Their mission is to contribute to the internationalisation of Flanders’ higher education by visualising its quality and by supporting mobility and cooperation of higher education at an international level.

The project Study in Flanders provides information on study opportunities in Flanders for foreign students, researchers and academics.
Its website lists all non-Dutch language courses.

Download the Study in Flanders App:

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The project Research in Flanders promotes Flemish scientific research abroad:

Higher education in Wallonia and Brussels

By choosing to study in French-speaking Belgium (Wallonia), you will become one of the thousands of students who have lived an inspiring and enjoyable experience in an open and highly multicultural society over the past years.

Through their high-quality study programs as well as their location at the heart of Europe, close to European and international institutions, Belgian higher education institutions allow students to easily establish international contacts and build a solid scientific and professional network.

6 universities, 20 university colleges and 16 art academies in Brussels and Wallonia provide a wide range of studies, including engineering, political and economic sciences, art, law, language and literature, European Studies and a lot more at Bachelor or Master level. Programmes are taught in English, French or a combination of both languages.

Do you want to study in and improve your knowledge of French? Most of the universities have a Language Centre at which you can study French courses as a foreign language. The social promotion institutes also offer a number of courses with classes at differing times of the day.

Useful contacts and links

Wallonia-Brussels Campus (WB Campus) is the agency for promoting higher education of Wallonia and Brussels abroad. It works in close collaboration with higher education institutions to promote the higher education of French-speaking Belgium on the international stage. It works under the auspices of Wallonia-Brussels International (WBI) and the Ministry of Federation Wallonia-Brussels and is committed to support higher education institutions and foreign students alike.

WB Campus runs the website and issues multilingual publications aimed at informing foreign students about the higher education choices and practical and financial aspects for their short or long-term stays in French-speaking Belgium.







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