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This event took place on 12th November 2014 at the Hanoi University of Science and Technology – HUST.


· To create opportunities for Uuniversity and Iindustry representatives to meet and exchange experiences as well as explore potential cooperation;
· Propagating some Government’s schemes and Projects supporting U-I Linkage.

HUST key leaders and official staffs;
Representatives from Vietnamese Government (MOET, Ministry of Trade, VCCI);
· Representatives from organizing members from EHEF and EU Delegation;
· Representatives from national contact points in Vietnam (Ex. DAAD, Uni-Italy, British Council, CIRAD, AUF…);
· Representatives from Vietnamese and European Companies;
· Representatives from Vietnamese Universities;
· Representatives from European universities;
· Representatives from Southeast Asia Universities (Lotus Project).


08:00-08:30  Registration & Reception
Poster Session for Interested Companies & Universities

08:30-08:45  Participants Introduction / Opening Remarks
Opening remark by HUST representative
Opening by EHEF representatives

08:45-09:45  Session 1: U- I Linkage: Some Case Studies in Europe & Vietnam
· Presentation 1: by Turku University
· Presentation 2: by HUST
· Presentation 3: by Schneider Electric Company
· Presentation 4: by a representative of a Vietnamese company

09:45-10:15  Coffee Break

10:15-11:15  Session 2: Funding and Opportunities for U-I collaboration
· Presentation 5: Italian Commercial Activities and prospects in Vietnam by Italy Chamber of Commerce (ICharm Vietnam)
· Presentation 6: Cooperation Opportunities in Horizon 2020 by  EU Delegation in Hanoi
· Presentation 7: Some current projects supporting U-I Linkage run by Vietnamese Government by MPI - Vietnam (Department of Business Development)
· Presentation 8: Finland Funds/Tekes, Aalto

11:15-12:15  Session 3: Q & A

12:15-12.30   Wrap Up and Gift Presenting to Keynote Speakers

12:30-13:30  Lunch and Open Discussion






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