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1. Keynote presentation on Higher-Education Vision 2030. Dr. Un Leang, Deputy Director of Higher Education, MoEYS. 

Dr Un Leang, Deputy Director of Higher Education, MoEYS


2. Cambodian Higher Education Institutional Governance with Reflections to Regional Practices

Dr Sok Say, HEQCIP Technical Advisor


3. University Governance: “Achievement of the ITC International Consortium and University Partnerships”

Dr. Om Romny. Director General, Institute of Technology of Cambodia

Prof. Eric Castelli. Co-Director, International Research Institute MICA


4. Models of University Autonomy (Access to video recording)

Professor Liviu Matei, Provost / Pro-Rector of Central European University, Budapest.


5. The new “International Program” at the UHS: Call for an International Network of Universities on Higher Education and Research in Health Sciences in Cambodia

Professor Saphonn Vonthanak, Rector of the University of Health Sciences


6. Ghent University and the Royal University of Agriculture  - Strategy on Internationalization: Focus on Cambodia – Belgium Cooperation.

Ms Inge Mangelschots, Ghent University, Belgium; and Mr Theng Kouch, Royal University of Agriculture, Cambodia


7. Employability and Graduate Skills. Comparisons of the past and present, and the impact of an Emerging Economy

Mr Adrian Low, Representative of EuroCham Cambodia HR Committee


8. Globally Employable Graduates - Strategies for Success

Dr Deborah Pownall, Liverpool John Moores University


9.Employability of Alumni of European Universities through Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Program

Mr Makara Oeun. Country Representative, Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association Cambodia


10.Developments in the Sphere of Higher Education Quality Assurance in Cambodia

Dr. Rath Chhang, Director of Graduate Program Accreditation, Accreditation Committee of Cambodia.


11.EU-SHARE: Enhancing Student Mobility through Harmonising Quality and Credit Transfer

Dr. John Law. Higher Education Adviser, British Council


12. EU-funded scholarships to study in Europe

Mr Egbert Walter, Counsellor and Deputy Head of Co-operation, Delegation of the European Union


13. Erasmus+ Opportunities for individuals & institutions from Cambodia 2015

Mr Egbert Walter, Counsellor and Deputy Head of Co-operation, Delegation of the European Union.


14.Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme

Mrs. Tímea Mester-Takács. Tempus Public Foundation


15. PhD studies workshop

Dr. Stephen Webber


16. Erasmus+ programme: Opportunities for students

Dr. Stephen Webber


14.Higher Education in Flanders-Belgium. Study in Flanders

Ms. Inge Mangelschots. International Relations Office, Ghent University






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