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JDTI Educational Institutes in Kerala is proud to be connected to Saxion University of Applied Sciences. In the last three years this international cooperation has led to an acceleration of improvements in the quality of JDT Educational programs. Through targeted staff training, continuous exchange of inspiration and morals, JDT curricula are prepared to meet the demands of the modern labour market. Contacts with the labour market go far beyond Kerala, reaching as far as the UAE and Kuwait.

The collaboration between both our institutions is very satisfying, eventful and enjoyable. The partnership has provided JDT with numerous inspiration to achieve excellence in faculty staff, accomplished peers and provide world-class facilities.  Moreover, the annual meetings have given us the chance to interact with varied people from different backgrounds, specializations, industries and international exposure. True to its promise of providing a rich, intellectually stimulating world-class education, JDTI was proud to host its first international education fair, the JDT Global Edu-Connect ’16, in Kerala in March 2016. Among others international partners lead by Saxion University have graced this fair. As Saxion prompts JDT to continue in her ambition of global excellence, together we think beyond the classroom context and showcase key lessons in leadership and Innovation in Education.

C P Kunhi Muhammed
Secretary JDTI









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