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Study in the United Kingdom

UK higher education is all about giving you inspiration to develop your knowledge and skills, freedom to be creative, and support to help you achieve your best. UK universities offer you a world-class education – the chance to follow your passion for learning and gain qualifications that will give you the edge in your career.


Why study in the UK?

1. A world class education

With a strong reputation for research, innovation and creativity, UK universities attract some of the world’s leading academics and industry professionals. You will be encouraged to express your own ideas and think for yourself.

This attention to quality is reflected in the UK’s excellent results:

• Four of the top ten universities in the world are in the UK (World Rankings, QS).

• The UK ranks in the top five in the world for university-industry collaboration (World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report 2014-15).

• Student satisfaction in the UK is higher than ever, with 86% of students satisfied overall with their course (National Student Survey).

• Over 88% of international higher education graduates were satisfied with their UK learning experience (BIS Tracking International Graduate Outcomes).

• The UK has the lowest student drop-out rate in Europe (Analysis for University of Southampton and IZA).


2. Open the doors to your dream career

Employers worldwide recognise a UK degree as a sign of high academic standards. The 2013/14 QS World University Rankings found that employers worldwide consider UK graduates among the most 'employable'. One of the reasons employer’s value UK qualifications is the focus on skills for the workplace. The UK ranks second in the world for university-industry collaboration (Annual Innovation Report, BIS, 2012). Many UK courses are designed in partnership with businesses and are taught by industry professionals, so you will gain real experience for your future career.


3. Join a friendly, international society

The UK is a friendly, welcoming place for people of all countries, cultures and faiths. In 2012, over 500,000 international students from 200 countries studied at UK schools, colleges and universities, and a further 600,000 students came to study English. In fact, at UK universities and higher education institutions, over 16.8% of all students and over 25% of academics and professors are from outside the UK! By studying in the UK you’ll gain an international perspective, learn about new cultures and socialise with students and teachers from around the world.


4. Perfect your English language skills

English language skills are a real boost to yourcareer prospects. The UK is the world’s most popular destination for English language courses, catering for all ages and abilities. Find out more about learning English in the UK.


Find UK courses and scholarships

Looking for a UK course? You will find over 80,000 on the Education UK website. Simply go to the ‘Search’ tool at the top of the site

On the Education UK website, you’ll also find information about thousands of UK scholarships, bursaries, grants and financial support schemes. Get searching here:






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