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UEL has enjoyed a strong collaborative partnership with the Women’s Institute of Management (WIM) for almost 15 years. 218 students are currently enrolled on UEL’s MBA International Business which is delivered by WIM. 

2015 was an exciting year for the partnership. In October, UEL was pleased to welcome Mahathevan Arumugam, who graduated with a UEL MBA from WIM in 2015, to its Docklands Campus in East London. Mahathevan was a member of an international 4 x 4 motor expedition that participated in an arduous 66-day road trip covering 22,000 km. It started in Singapore, headed to the Mount Everest base camp and wove its way through the Himalayas before eventually coming to a halt at the University of East London.

Before the expedition began, a WIM banner with greetings to UEL was presented to the convoy. On arrival, the banner was handed over to UEL at a special ceremony on the lawn at Docklands attended by Vice-Chancellor Professor John Joughin and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) Nora Ann Colton.


Ian Bathgate, Director of Business Development and the Centre for Innovation Management & Enterprise (CIME) at the School of Business and Law, said it was a privilege to have the convoy arrive at UEL at the end of its journey.

“We’re thrilled that one of our students was part of this expedition”, said Mr Bathgate.

A couple of weeks later, a delegation from UEL including Vice-Chancellor Professor John Joughin and Dean of the School of Business and Law Professor Matthew Humphreys, was delighted to attend the graduation of Mahathevan and 90 other UEL MBA graduates at WIM’s 9th Annual Graduation Ceremony in Kuala Lumpur. A particular highlight was seeing 85 year-old retired engineer Edward Cheah, receive his MBA.


Cheah who had already earned two degrees from the University of Melbourne, Australia, said although he left university almost 60 years ago, he had no problems going through the study routine all over again.

In fact, he said he did not feel out of place attending lectures with other students who were much younger than him and completing the assignments given by the lecturers.

“They have high ambitions and are computer-savvy, but the generation gap has not at all affected my socialising and communication with them,” he said.
Although he faced some challenges during the two-and-a-half-year course, Cheah said he overcame them through total focus and coping smartly with the pressures he faced.

Cheah, who also received the “Lifetime Achievement Award” at WIM-UEL’s 9th MBA convocation, said age should not be a hindrance to seeking knowledge.

UEL looks forward to continuing this successful collaboration with WIM in 2016.


University of East London and FTMS Global College, Kuala Lumpur

UEL’s collaborative partnership with FTMS Global College began with two computing programmes in 2007. The partnership has gone from strength to strength and 389 students are now currently enrolled on two UEL Masters and three UEL Bachelors programmes in the field of Computing and Software Engineering.

At the launch of UEL’s Malaysia Alumni Chapter in October, Business Information Systems graduate Abdulkadir Shenu was presented with a UEL alumni engagement award. Abdulkadir graduated with a first class honours degree and now lectures at FTMS. He is a PhD candidate in leadership and e-commerce and has authored two books on web development. UEL looks forward to more success stories resulting from this partnership in the coming years.

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